Registration for SPRING Semester is now closed.

Registration will open again in May for the 2018-2019 season.


We offer classes in a 2500 square feet space that has been converted into two studios in the heart of Commercial Drive.  Our fantastic instructors will inspire & motivate students to work hard in a fun and supportive environment.  We thrive on capturing your child’s heart, imagination & sense of wonder!

Ballet: One of the most important foundations for all dance forms. Instruction will emphasize proper technique with a sensitivity to each student's current level and natural ability. These classes will focus on developing proper skeletal alignment, muscle development and flexibility in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Contemporary:  Contemporary dance works with the natural alignment of the body, and is therefore safe for beginners while allowing experienced dancers to be pushed to new boundaries of body movement. This class will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired!

Breakdance: This amazing class will focus on teaching the intricate footwork, power moves and freezes of breaking while encouraging students to bring their own personality and creativity to the movement.  

Jazz: Get yourself kicking, turning and jumping - this class will focus on developing the basics of jazz technique.  Each class includes centre or at the barre technique, across-the-floor patterns and a final combination of movement that develops coordination and strength.  

Hip Hop: Get your groove on in this fun-filled, high-energy class that will help enhance your stamina, coordination and confidence.  

Jazz: Here's your chance to try out a bit of each of these styles. Half the class you will learn jazz foundations and the other half of the class you will learn tap basics. Fun!


December Recital - a smaller, informal performance to get the feel for dancing in front of an audience.

Year-end Dance Recital - a magical evening celebration of dance.  All our students have the chance to perform on the big stage.